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15 Signs of Poor Posture: Chiropractor in Columbia

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15 Signs of Poor Posture Chiropractic Professionals of Columbia

15 Signs of Poor Posture: Chiropractor in Columbia S.C.

Your Posture is unique to you, but Poor Posture can cause us to Walk in a Way that is a Detriment to Your  Healthy Body. Its hard to believe, but the way you walk could be the cause of your Pain and Discomfort.

15 Signs of Poor Posture

  1. Chronic Fatigue
  2. Upset Stomach and Digestive Disorders
  3. Chronic Pain Everywhere
  4. Neck, Back, Hip, Pain
  5. Herniated Disk
  6. Pinched nerves, Sciatica
  7. Hump Back Physical Deformity
  8. Anxiety
  9. Depression
  10. Breathing Problems
  11. Muscle Pain
  12. Brain Pain
  13. Organ Pain
  14. Low self Esteem
  15. Poor Physical Appearance

Learn more about what Chiropractic can do for you. We have many options and treatment plans. Chiropractic Adjustments will get you straight again!  Go to The Chiropractors with Years of Experience. You will be glad you did! We are just a Phone Call Away. 803-888-6221

We use the the Latest and Safest Chiropractic Techniques used Today. We have over 18 Years worth of Chiropractic Experience working with Patients with the Gentlest Techniques Possible. We are Full Spine Adjusting Chiropractors. We find and Locate Your Vertebral Subluxations and Yes, we Fix That!

If you have Pain let us at the Chiropractic Professionals of Columbia Check your Spine. We know what we are doing, and We have the Skills, and the Know how, to get it done. If your Spine is out of Alignment we can Fix That. 

Chiropractic is a Non-invasive, Conservative Treatment option for Back Pain. Get your Spine Checked! We are Your Board Certified Chiropractic Physicians of Columbia S.C. Remember Great Chiropractic Care, will Make's a World of Difference in Your Family's Healthcare.

The Chiropractic Professionals of Columbia have been Helping patients for over 18 years. We have Years of Experience, and Have the Latest and Greatest Chiropractic Equipment. We Would love the Opportunity to be your Family's Chiropractors. We can See you Today! Don't Wait, Just Call 803-888-6221 or Visit us on the Web at

We offer Quality and Personal Chiropractic Care For Columbia, Cotton Town, Lexington, Cayce, Irmo, Forest Acres, Chapin, West Columbia, Downtown, and all the Surrounding Area's of South Carolina. No Contracts, No Long Term Treatments Plans, Just Great Affordable Chiropractic Care.

Chiropractic Professionals of Columbia: Chiropractor in Columbia S.C.

1301 Elmwood Avenue

Columbia, SC 29201


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Matt Orzechowski
"I’ve never left a review for anyone before now, but these people deserve it more than most by far. I was in so much pain when I arrived here I was literally crawling up the hand rails on the wheelchair accessible entrance. Dr Benson came outside to hold the door and help me into the office. Every effort was made to make me as comfortable and welcome as possible and this team pulled out every stop to do everything they possibly could for me. Within 2 days I was completely back on my feet (I’m not talking miracle work though personally it feels that way) They truly take pride in what they do and care more for their patients well-being than anyone I’ve ever been to in the past. Make this office your one-stop shop for all of your chiropractic needs and I promise you, you will NOT be disappointed!"

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