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6 Helpful Tips for Thanksgiving!! In Columbia SC

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Happy Thanksgiving Chiropractic Professionals of Columbia

6 Helpful Tips for Thanksgiving!! : Chiropractic Professionals of Columbia

We at the Chiropractic Professionals of Columbia are thankful for so many things this Thanksgiving season, especially for the chance to help all of our Wonderful Patients each and everyday.

This Thanksgiving will be different for all of Us. It will be the First ever Covid-19 Thanksgiving. Family's are Skipping traveling, and staying home this year. My Family makes a big deal over the holidays. We make an even bigger deal over holiday eating. For some Americans, the worry of fitting into their jeans after the holiday season is a huge concern. Did you know Last year, the United States spent on average 2 billion dollars on Thanksgiving dinner food. This year it will be evan more.

Here are some tips from the Chiropractic Professionals of Columbia to make your Thanksgiving holiday weekend Healthier, Happier, and Pain Free:

    1. Avoid bending directly over the oven door to lift out the turkey. Crouch and use your legs and knees for better balance. This will avoid putting all the weight-bearing stress on the lower spine.

    2. If you’re going for a long drive to visit friends and relatives this Thanksgiving, make sure to take a break. Stop every two hours and get out of your vehicle to stretch. Stretching increases blood flow and restores normal posture. This will also prevent a recurrence of pain and discomfort .

    3. When loading your vehicle from the trip to the grocery store make is easier on yourself by organizing your grocery's and goods into smaller easy to handle loads. Light loads make the work easy.

    4. Remember Safety comes first so Adjust you car seat’s headrest, making sure that the top is no more than two inches below your head. Make sure everyone is wearing the seat belts. Most of the estimated million of auto accidents in America suffer from severe whiplash, which can easily preventable by properly adjusting the seat headrests.

    5. Be posture aware. Most people will spend time sitting, and slouching on the couch or around a table all throughout the Holiday. You do not want to sleep in these positions, because awkward positions may irritate your nerves which cause muscle spasms. If you do start to have spasms please use ice instead of Heat. Heat feels good while doing it, but will cause increased inflammation which will hurt all night long. Ice not heat!!

    6.  Don't forget to enjoy every second of this Holiday Season.  We all have been through so much with Covid.  All of our Lives have been affected by this Virus.  I just hope the Vaccine works, and we will all get Back to Normal as soon as possible.  Enjoy every second being covid free, and pray for the families that are hurting during this Holiday Season. -Dr. Benson

With these few simple tips from the  Chiropractic Professionals of Columbia,  We wish everyone a healthy, Happy, Chiropractic Thanksgiving Holiday.

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