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9 Reasons Why We Dry Needle in Columbia S.C.

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9 Reasons Why We Dry Needle: Chiropractic Professionals Of Columbia
The Chiropractic Professionals of Columbia offer Dry Needling to Columbia S.C. and the Surrounding Areas.  We have 9 Reasons Patients should seek out Dry Needling with the Chiropractic Professionals of Columbia.

Here are 9 Reason's Why we Dry Needle in Columbia S.C.

    1. In Most Studies, its efficacy is equivalent to Tigger Point Injections. (Ay,Clin Rheum 2010)

    2. Helps Abnormal Muscle activation patterns. (Lucas, Clin Biomech, 2010) This is Huge in Helping with Pain Relief.

       3. Mechanical Transduction in Elicited, especially with needle rotation. (Langevin, J Cell Physio 2006)This Research is about Mechanical      Energy turning into Cellular Energy which speeds up the Healing Process.

    4. Changes Local Circulation (Kubo, E J App Phys 2010) Fascia and Muscle healing with Dry Needling.

    5. Changes Local Circulation in opposite Limb (Kubo, E J App Phys, 2010)

    6. Increase Circulation in Nearby Joint (Loaiza, Autonomic Neuro 02)

    7. Collagen Proliferation (Lee, Burns, 2011) This is Huge with Knee's and Joints.

    8. Relieves Remote Pain (Hsieh, APMR 2011)

    9. Bicepts Femoris relieved by ipsilateral or Contralateral gastroc DN. (Int J Sp Med 2011) This Research Proves that DN improves Range of Motion and Increases Strength. Dry Needling was developed over forty years ago and is now considered a Western Therapeutic Technique which targets Deep Muscle Tissue's using DN Needles. We at the Chiropractic Professionals of Columbia are offering DN Services right here in Columbia S.C.

DN type Needles are Filiform needles that come in many different Sizes and Lengths. They are used in many Dysfunctional Muscular treatment areas. The needle allows the Chiropractic Professionals to Pinpoint and Stimulate Dysfunctional Tissue and Trigger Points to Decrease Pain and Increase Tissue Mobility.

Muscles with Trigger Points have dense areas of contraction, which can cause pain at the site or over your entire body.   If the Muscular Pain is in a deep layer of tissue, Manual Manipulation like Massage,  may not be enough to effectively relieve soreness and tension. 

A DN needle, from the Chiropractic Professionals of Columbia can reach deeper into tissues than Massage Therapy can go. The DN Needle allows precise stimulation of Dysfunctional Tissue, which can release your Knotted and Spastic muscles.  Everyone can experience an increase level of Muscle Tone and Flexibility with Dry Needling.  As Your muscles relax, the tissue also lengthens and Normal Motion will be increased. 

Dry Needling at the Chiropractic Professionals is relatively painless. The Needle are very small and most people don't feel the needle pass through the skin.  However, the penetration into deep tissue can cause cramping and a deep ache.  This is know as the sweet spot in Dry Needling. This is the area of dysfunction that is really helped by Dry Needling. With Dry Needling Bruising can result, and your may have some soreness that may last a day or two following treatment. We recommend applying ice packs can help relieve these minor side effects. We highly recommend physical activity  following Dry Needling. The Research Shows you should Avoid Competition one day before and a Day after Dry Needling to get the Best Results Possible.

In Our Experience we believe that two to four treatments will accelerate the healing process for Sports Injuries like pulled Muscles and Tendons.  For Chronic Pain Patients it will take longer and more sessions are required to get the desired Results. The Chiropractic Professionals of Columbia was trained by Master Dry Needler INC.

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We use the the Latest and Safest Chiropractic Techniques used Today. We have over 18 Years worth of Chiropractic Experience working with Patients with the Gentlest Techniques Possible. We are Full Spine Adjusting Chiropractors. We find and Locate Your Vertebral Subluxations and Yes, we Fix That!

If you have Pain let us at the Chiropractic Professionals of Columbia Check your Spine. We know what we are doing, and We have the Skills, and the Know how, to get it done! If your Spine is out of Alignment we can Fix That.

Chiropractic is a Non-invasive, Conservative Treatment option for Back Pain. Get your Spine Checked! We are Your Board Certified Chiropractic Physicians of Columbia S.C. Remember Great Chiropractic Care, will Make's a World of Difference in Your Family's Healthcare.

The Chiropractic Professionals of Columbia have been Helping patients for over 18 years.  We have Years of Experience, and Have the Latest and Greatest Rehab Facilities. We Would love the Opportunity to be your Family's Chiropractors. We can See you Today! Don't Wait, Just Call 803-888-6221 or Visit us on the Web at

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