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Sciatica and Disc Herniation Can Chiropractic Help

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Sciatica and Disc Herniation

Nerve Compression caused by a Disc Herniation will cause an intense pain we call Sciatica. It could be Tingling, maybe some Numbness, and sometimes, Intense Debilitating Pain. This Nerve Pressure could cause muscle weakness in some, and muscle spasms in others. In some people the pain will travel into your leg and in others it might not travel at all. When it's really compressed, it could reach all the way to your foot, and make walking almost impossible. This nerve pain in could be worse at night, and during the day could be almost unnoticeable. With all these different type of symptoms, Sciatica is Just Awful and Painful.

Most Sciatic pain never starts when you bend over to pick up a child, or a simple piece of paper. It has been developing for years. Spinal Degeneration from Childhood Sports, Yoga Class, Car Accidents, Repetitive Injury on the Job, is what really causes Sciatica, and Yes Years of Neglect. You know the subtle pain that comes and goes, advil might even help, but now it doesn't work, and nothing seems to help.

It is Called Sciatica because something is putting Pressure is on the Sciatic Nerve, and Yes Its the Largest Nerve in your body. It will let you know if it has pressure on it.

Disc Herniation can cause Nerve pressure that can cause intense pain as well. If the Herniation is very large it can compress a nerve and cause all types of dysfunctions, like not being able to control bowel and bladder functions. That is when a Chiropractor Cannot Help! We will send you to the Emergency Room right away to get surgery to remove the disk.

We at the Chiropractic Professionals of Columbia help thousands of patients with all type's of disk, and Sciatica, type pain. We start by making sure your Spine is Aligned. We do this by using our Chiropractic Techniques in Adjusting Patients. We are Full Spine, Hands On Adjusting Chiropractors. We have years of Experience with Patients in Pain just like you. We also use a technique call Decompression Therapy, This works on your Herniated Disk. The technique is used to help Decompress and Heal the Disk. It's not a One Visit Technique, it Works! It takes time and the Healing Rate depends on how healthly the patient is. Some patients are active and heal very fast, and other are not.

We also offer a full Muscular Rehab Department. Not only will we Align Your Spine and Decompress your Disk we will also make sure you Muscles are Balanced. The last thing we want is to have a tight muscle, pull out our Adjusted Spine when you step into the car. We are a different type of Chiropractors. We pride ourselves with getting the Results you Deserve, in the quickest amount to time possible. We can see you today! Just call 803-888-6221 or visit us on the Web at

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