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Maximize your Car Accident Claim

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Maximize your Car Accident Claim: Chiropractic Professionals of Columbia

This information is what you need to know to Maximize your Car Accident claim after your accident. I was just in a car accident myself, and wish I would of knew what to do instead of just standing there shaking.  Instead I'm learning how to Maximize my Car Accident Claim to get what I deserve, and I want to share what I have learned with you. 

My Car Accident Story:

I was driving down broad River Road and a Person ran the stop sign while leaving the Plex and we collided, Really Hard. Now my Jeep is totaled, and I ate the airbag. I'm finding it very difficult to just get a rental car without filing it on my insurance because the police report wasn't filled out completely at the time and now they are investigating the accident. Yes we have to wait 10-15 for it to be entered into the system. I do not want to file a claim on my insurance because it wasn't my fault. I didn't even get a chance to talk with the people in the other people in the other Car because they were really hurt. I felt bad for them. The fire trucks came, and the ambulance came, and took the people in the car off and the fire trucks left and there I was sitting for over an hour waiting for the police to show up to report the accident. This has been an event for me and I want you to to be prepared because car accidents happen in S.C. all the time. I see them everyday! Remember Severe car accident injuries are costly in Time and Money. Accident victims find themselves saddled with major medical bills for their ambulance ride, maybe a emergency room visit, or even urgent care trip. These are very expensive. and If you don't have insurance you will end up paying the full amount. You might need some X-rays, pain medication, surgery, aftercare, and follow up doctor visits. This all is very expensive and if your not prepared it could devastate you financially.

South Carolina is a “At fault State” and the law entitles victims to receive money damages. That why you see all those commercials on T.V. Your Settlement and court awarded damages can vary greatly if you don't follow these simple steps to Maximize you Claim. Car accidents victims have little control over some of the factors which influence their financial outcome of a car accident claim, such as often the severity of their injuries.

Yet, other choices car accident victims make in the minutes, days, and weeks after a crash can change the value of your claims. These tips about how to Maximize the factors that impact the value of a car accident claim over which accident victims do have some degree of control. In some cases, the severity of an injury might prevent victims from maximize your Claim.  Just ask the Chiropractic Professionals of Columbia  we can Help!!

How to Maximize Your  car accident Claim in S.C.

1. Remain at the scene of the accident. All drivers must stop at the scene of an accident in which they are involved in, and must call police to the scene if the accident caused injuries, fatalities, or damage that makes your car totaled. Drivers must also provide basic contact and vehicle registration information to other drivers and responding police officers. For all other small accidents, drivers must submit a drivers accident report to local authorities within 15 days.

Rather than trying to determine which type of accident you were in, call 911 and summon police to your car accident scene. Do not leave the scene until they arrive, and conduct their standard investigation they will tell you it is okay for you to go.

2. Its very important to gather as much information as possible. If you can do so safely and without getting in the way of first responders. You are free to collect information on your own as well at the accident scene. Get the contact information of other drivers and occupants involved in the accident. This will help to prevent any possible mistakes on the official crash report. Also, take photographs or video with your cell phone of every possible vantage point of the accident, to create a record of exactly what the scene looked like.  You must take down names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, insurance information, and vehicle information as soon as you can safely can do so.  Do not talk to others about fault for the accident or admit to having contributed to causing it.  Even innocent statements you make could be used to reduce the value of a potential legal claim later on.

3. You must collect witness information. This is vital, Do not limit the information you gather at the accident scene to the parties directly involved. Eyewitnesses to the accident may also have valuable information to share. If possible, collect their contact information so that you or your attorney can follow up with them about their recollections. Look, too, for “video” witnesses traffic or security cameras that might have captured the accident on film and take steps to obtain information about who operates those cameras. You may have a limited amount of time to make preserve any video footage of the accident before it gets deleted, so act quickly if possible.

4. You must seek medical Care after the Accident!! If your are involved in a severe car accident, you will likely go to the nearest emergency room via ambulance to receive medical treatment beyond first aid and field medicine offered by paramedics. Yet, in less severe accidents, or those which you are lucky enough to remain conscious and walk away from, you might choose to forgo medical treatment. That is almost always a mistake. Go to urgent care and get checked out.

Getting the most compensation for your car accident case requires proving that the accident caused your injuries. Medical documentation of your injuries provides this proof. You might be tempted to avoid the doctor because you are only a little sore, or only have a few bumps and bruises. Many common, life-threatening car accident injuries, however, do not show symptoms for hours or days after an accident. Let a doctor examine you for these types of injuries right away to protect your health and your legal rights.

5. You have to report your car accident to your insurance company, even if you did not cause the car accident. You must inform them about the damage to your vehicle and your injuries. Most insurance policies require you to make this sort of report, and failure to do so might result in the cancellation of your insurance policy.

In notifying your insurer, honesty is always the best policy. Keep in mind, however, that even your own insurance company will look for ways to avoid having to pay you benefits. Be careful when speaking to insurance adjusters about the facts of the accident. Do not make offhand comments about who was at fault or how you are feeling. Stick only to the basic facts, and leave any discussion of who's at fault to your attorney’s discussions with your or any insurer.

6. You have to keep all of your Bills and Accident information. Set up an Accident file so you obtain adequate compensation for the financial costs related to your car accident and injuries. You must provide documents to support your claim. The more proof you provide, the higher the likelihood of you receiving everything you are owed.

Keep all bills and insurance documentation relating to your medical care from the moment of your accident forward. This includes records describing ambulance and emergency services, doctor visits, Chiropractic visits, hospitalization, diagnostic testing, medication, and all other therapy's . All of the costs reflected in these documents constitute elements of damages owed to you by the at-fault party in your car accident claim.

If your car accident prevents you from working temporarily or permanently, save any payroll information you have that shows your wage or salary and any paid time off you used as a result of the accident. These costs, too, represent potential elements of damages due to you, Please, "Leave out Nothing"!!

Finally, keep documentation of any other expenses that flow directly from your accident and injuries. For example, some car accident injuries leave you with a permanent disabilities that require you to make modifications to your lifestyle, home, and work space, such as installing handrails or even wheelchair ramps. Other injuries may leave you unable to take care of daily chores and needing to hire someone to do them.  These are the very important things people leave out.

7. You must keep a journal of your injuries. A large part of the uncertainty of the amount of compensation you might receive for a car accident lies in measuring the harm done to you.  You deserve money to compensate you for your pain and suffering, damage to your personal relationships, and emotional trauma that can accompany lasting injuries such as disfiguring scars and physical disabilities.  PTSD from the Accident is Real.  Very Real  I'm dealing with it just driving down the road.  Is someone else going to pull in front of me or are they going to stop?

Lawyers and insurance adjusters sometimes use mathematical formulas to try to place a value on these injuries, but the process can be highly subjective. To aid them in estimating an appropriate amount you should receive for these damages, keep a journal to document your injuries and recovery. Record how you are feeling emotionally and physically. This record can help communicate your  losses and Maximize the amount of compensation you might receive for your car accident claim.

8. Keep going to your Chiropractor Appointments. Sometimes people skip Chiropractor visits for perfectly understandable reasons. We get that. Insurance companies and defense attorneys, however, will not be as forgiving. Unfairly or not, they will use the fact that you missed Chiropractic appointments as evidence that you are not as badly injured as you have claimed, or that the accident did not cause your injuries at all.  This is real and happens all the time.

Your Chiropractor's records constitutes some of the most critical evidence you will need to support any claim for damages after a car accident. To get the most money out of your claim, you need to show that you followed your Chiropractor's plan for treatment to the letter. Keep and attend every Chiropractors appointment, and Muscular therapy session until a doctor has released you from care. Doing so will create the consistent documentation of your injury and recovery that you need to maximize the amount of money you should receive as compensation after your car accident.

8. Never accept a Insurance settlement offer without speaking to a Attorney First.  More often than not we encounter a awful situation in which a car accident victim will not get an Attorney.  In S.C. that is a huge mistake.  We see it all the time.  People believe the attorney will take all their money and that is just not the case.  The Attorney will help Maximize your settlement.  Yes there are some Good one's and Bad one's in every town.  We partnered up with some of the Best!!  The Problem is people go through care without an Attorney and when its time to settle with the Insurance company with a strong claim for damages comes and only offers them $500-$700 to settle.  Some Patients take this settlement offer and are Happy with it, but this isn't the way to Maximize your Claim.  A year might go by and the pain might just come back, it might be difficult to work.  We see this all the time in our Office and most car accident victims who accept settlement offers without speaking with an attorney first always leave money on the table while giving up your valuable legal rights. Insurance Companies want to get themselves off the hook for as little money as possible, remember they are not your friend. If they come to you offering a payment, saying things like you don't need a Lawyer, just say no. That's a sure sign they think they owe you lots more money than they are offering, and that they hope you will give up your right to sue them later on.

We understand you might have intense financial pressure from your car accident.   Sometimes victims feel like they should just take the money.   it is always a mistake to accept a settlement, and to give up rights without first making sure the party offering to write you a check is not trying to take advantage of you. An attorney can help to protect you from that sort of awful conduct.

10. When insurance companies and defense attorneys investigate a car accidents, they frequently attempt to speak with the accident victims and the victim’s friends, families, and colleagues. As a victim, you should never speak with investigators without first receiving advice from your attorney. You should also, however, not speak with other people whom investigators may seek out.

No one wants to put their friends and family in the awkward position of having told an investigator about something you said to them that reduces the value of your claim. As much as you might want to talk to people close to you about your accident, the best thing you can do to protect yourself and them, and to get the most money from a car accident, is to stay quiet. Unless and until your attorney tells you otherwise, do not speak to them about the accident.

11. Don't Post on Social Media. Insurance company representatives and investigators will look for all the information they can find about you online, hoping something you have written or posted will give them a reason to cut the value of your claim. So, stay off of social media for now. If you must post something, run it by your attorney first.

12. In South Carolina you must hire an Car Accident Attorney For all of the reasons discussed above, an experienced Attorney can play an integral role in Maximizing your Car Accident Claim and getting the most money from a car accident. In S.C. this is a must.

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