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Don't Travel in Pain This Holiday Season

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Don't Travel in Pain This Holiday Season: Chiropractor in Columbia S.C.

The Chiropractic Professionals want you to Treat Your Holiday Travels as an Athletic Competition. Warm up before setting off. It doesn't matter is you Driving or Flying,  Give yourself some time to Stretch Before, During, and After, after you reach your destination.

If your Driving to your Destination adjust the seat so you are as near the Steering wheel as comfortable as possible. Your knees must be slightly higher than your hips.  This will Take the Pressure off your Lower Back. 

Learn How to Exercise your legs while driving to lessen the hazard of any Swelling, Fatigue, and Discomfort. Open your legs as wide as you can, and count to Ten. Then Close you legs as hard as you can and  Count to 10. Roll your shoulders forward and lower back, making sure to maintain your palms on the Steering wheel and your eyes on the Road. The Best way to make sure to exercise is to stop every 2 hours and Walk and Stretch.  This will wake you up and relax your tense Muscle's.  I know we just want to get their but arriving alive is much better.

Great Driving advice to to Change you Hand Position from three o'clock and seven o'clock, to 10o'clock and 5 o'clock.  This will help relax tense Muscles.

Do not squeeze the Steering wheel. Instead, tighten and then loosen your grip to improve hand strength, and decrease muscle fatigue within the arms,wrists and fingers.

Always keep you eyes on the road, Change Your eye's  focal point to lessen the danger of eye fatigue and tension headaches.  I remember driving from Iowa on Route 80 for Hours and Hours at night and all I saw were the Tail lights of a Big Rig in Front of Me.  I just followed his tail lights which cause me major eye strain and discomfort.

Take  a lot of Rest Breaks. Never underestimate the potential results of fatigue to yourself, your passengers, and other drivers.

In an Airplane

Prepare Your Air Plane seat for a Long Flight.  Use rolled-up pillows or blankets to maintain Your Lumbar Curve and Cervical Curve to make sure its well Supported.  If the seat is Really Bad use multiply blankets to give you the support you need.

Dr. Benson believes you should Check all bags heavier than 5-10 percent of your body weight. Overhead lifting of any good sized amount of weight should be averted to reduce the chance of pain in the lower back or neck. While lifting your baggage,stand right in the front of the overhead compartment so Your Spine is Straight and not twisted. Do no longer lift your baggage over your head, or flip or twist your head and neck in the process.

When stowing Your Small Bag under the seat, do now not force your bag with an awkward motion. This might cause muscle strain or spasms within the thigh and lower back muscle groups. Instead, sit in your seat first, and using your arms and toes, lightly guide your bags underneath the seat directly in the front of you.

While seated, vary your position from time to time to enhance circulation and avoid leg cramps. Massage your legs and calves if possible.  You can Exercise by Bringing  your legs in, and move your knees up and down. Prop your legs up on a book or a bag under your seat if possible.

Chiropractic Professionals of Columbia believe in Safe Travel For Children:

Always use an automobile seat you use in a car while Traveling with kids under the age of four, and weighing less than 30 pounds.

Ask the airline for their policy on child Automobile Car Safety Seats. Car seats help with turbulent skies, and are far safer than the lap of a parent.

Make sure the auto seat is suitable for the age and size of your Child.  A newborn infant calls for a specific seat than a 3-12 months-old little one.

Car seats for infants need to constantly face the rear. In this function, the forces and effect of a crash could be unfold extra evenly alongside the back and shoulders, providing more protection for the neck.

Car seats ought to continually be positioned in the car-preferably in the center. This is specially vital in vehicles prepared with airbags. If an air bag is deployed, the force could severely injure or kill a infant or infant positioned within the the front facing seat.

Make sure the automobile seat is nicely secured to the seat of the car and is in placed at a forty five-degree angle perspective to support the top of the infant.

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