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6 Reasons for Spinal Decompression in Columbia SC

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6 Reasons for Spinal Decompression in Columbia SC: Chiropractic Professionals of Columbia

When You Need a Columbia, SC Chiropractor with High Tech Spinal Decompression, We can Help You!!

Columbia Chiropractor Dr. Benson is committed to providing the Most Advanced, State of the Art, Chiropractic Care and All the Best Natural Therapies for his patients.  Dr. Benson continually attends Classes, Seminars, and Workshops to stay ahead of the advances constantly being made in the fields of Alternative Therapies and Chiropractic Care.  Dr. Benson Recently is Certified in Dry Needling and Cupping.  We offer among the many options in our Chiropractic Clinic including the New Dynatron DX2 Decompression Treatment Table. This is a Spinal Decompression Treatment Table can customize the amount and Force used in  Decompression  and it's based on an individual’s weight, the angle of Decompression, and continuous monitoring by the Doctor.

Dr. Benson Offer's Spasm Free Decompression  in Our Columbia, South Carolina Chiropractic Office.

6 Reasons Spinal Decompression works with many patients suffering from the pain:

    1. Sciatica - Pulls the Bones and Disk off the Nerve's

    2. Posterior facet syndrome -  Opens up the Joints

    3. Degenerative disc disease “DDD”  - Forces Nutrients into the disk that allows for increased Healing.

    4. Herniated discs- Works on creating Negative Pressure to cause the Disk to Retract.

    5. Bulging discs-  Works on creating Negative Pressure to cause the Disk to Retract.

    6. Tight Spastic Muscles- Stretches Ligaments and Tendons which attach to muscles and bones

We offer at The Chiropractic Professionals of Columbia offer the Latest in Advances in Decompression Technology – Turn to Dr. Benson for the Help you Need!

The Chiropractic Professionals of Columbia offer the Dynatron DX2 which treats Disc Related Conditions by creating what is known as negative intradiscal pressure within the Affected Painful disc's. This negative pressure, creates a vacuum, which decreases the pressure on nerves around the disc. This reduces Pain while also allowing the flow of the blood, nutrients, and fluids that have been prevented from getting to the disc to allow it to heal.

The Dynaton DX2 Decompression Table provides numerous advantages over traditional traction because the uniquely designed and fully adjustable table for Comfort. The Dynaton DX2 can be adjusted to modify the cycles of decompression and relaxation so that the treatment can be more effective and custom Tailored in relieving your pain.

If you are looking for a non-invasive form of back treatment, or have been told that surgery is the only option for your disc-related pain, the Dynatron DX2 may provide you with a better solution. Dr. Benson and the highly trained staff at can evaluate your needs to determine whether or not you might benefit from the Spinal Decompression. You have nothing to lose and a pain-free life to gain.  You Can schedule an appointment with Dr. Benson today.

Contact Dr. Benson to Begin Treatment in Columbia, SC at The Chiropractic Professionals of Columbia. We can see you Today!!

Dr. Benson has over 18 Years of Experience . We have a  Chiropractic office in Columbia SC. Dr. Benson and the Chiropractic Professionals of Columbia bring Professional Chiropractic Care to you using the Latest Technology and Techniques.

If your in need of a Chiropractor Choose the Chiropractor's with Years of Experience. You will be glad you did! We are just a Phone Call Away. 803-888-6221.

We use the the Latest and Safest Chiropractic Techniques used Today. We have over 18 Years worth of Chiropractic Experience working with Patients with the Gentlest Techniques Possible. We are Full Spine Adjusting Chiropractors. We find and Locate Your Vertebral Subluxations and Yes, we Fix That!

If you have Pain let us at the Chiropractic Professionals of Columbia Check your Spine. We know what we are doing, and We have the Skills, and the Know how, to get it done! If your Spine is out of Alignment we can Fix That.

Chiropractic is a Non-invasive, Conservative Treatment option for Back Pain. Get your Spine Checked! We are Your Board Certified Chiropractic Physicians of Columbia S.C. Remember Great Chiropractic Care, will Make's a World of Difference in Your Family's Healthcare.

The Chiropractic Professionals of Columbia have been Helping patients for over 18 years.  We have Years of Experience, and Have the Latest and Greatest Rehab Facilities. We Would love the Opportunity to be your Family's Chiropractors. We can See you Today! Don't Wait, Just Call 803-888-6221 or Visit us on the Web at

We offer Quality and Personal Chiropractic Care For Columbia, Cotton Town, Lexington, Cayce, Irmo, Forest Acres, Chapin, West Columbia, Downtown, and all the Surrounding Area's of South Carolina. No Contracts, No Long Term Treatments Plans, Just Great Affordable Chiropractic Care.

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