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Corona Virus Symptoms, What you Need to Know in SC

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Corona Virus Symptoms, What you Need to Know: Chiropractic Professionals of Columbia

The Chiropractic Professionals of Columbia Found some very interesting Information that should be shared and Passed along about the Corona Virus, COVID 19 Symptoms. Now all of these symptoms could almost be for anything but some Great information from out leading MD's is better than none.

1. It starts with minor physical complaints.

It has been Reported that People who are infected with a Virus, or any Virus, will start off with some type of minor physical complaints. You might have a slight cough, headache, or low-grade fever that gradually worsen. As Reported on Headline Health, Something different that the Ordinary Virus is a  Slow Burn Feeling in your Neck, and Chest.  This is a Sign from your Body Telling  you to  go See Your Physician, and Get Tested and Treated.

It has been Reported, Patients tend to have symptoms for about a 5-14 days before either getting better, or getting really sick, said Dr. Joshua Denson, a pulmonary medicine and critical care physician at Tulane Medical Center in New Orleans.

Denson, who estimated he's treated 15 to 20 patients with the corona-virus, described that first phase of the illness as“a slow burn.”

Other physicians are seeing similar progression. “It seems like there's a period of time where the body is trying to sort out whether it can beat this or not,” Dr. Ken Lyn-Kew, a pulmonologist in the critical care department at National Jewish Health, a hospital in Denver, told NBC News.

2. You start to feel better and then it comes back much worse.

And sometimes, patients start to feel better before their health quickly deteriorates.  Your Body is Telling you to go to your Physician, and get Tested and Treated.

3. When everything suddenly gets worse.

In North Carolina, Dr. Christopher has also seen rapid, unexpected development of severe symptoms. “They say, ‘Hey, you know, I think I'm getting over this,’ and then within 20 to 24 hours, they've got fevers, severe fatigue, worsening cough and shortness of breath,” said, an infectious disease expert and professor of medicine at the Wake Forest School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. “Then they get hospitalized”.  The Chiropractic Professionals of Columbia Believe you should pay attention to your Body's Warning Signals.  Please Don't wait, you know if your Sick or not.  This is not the Virus you want to Ride out.  This Virus is Really nasty one that I don't Recommend Coming to my Office for Treatment.  If you do end up in my office I will send you off to get Tested, and Treated, by the Hospital.   If your found out to be  Corona Virus Free, we are Here for you.

As I'm sitting here writing this there is No treatment for the Corona Virus, COVID-19.  If infected 80% will have a Mild Case, 20% will have a Severe Case. We are now hearing about the Severe cases because this is a new Virus to Everyone.  Nobody has Immunity from this Virus.  They are working day and night to get the Correct antibodies to fight this.  This is not your Common Cold, Stay Safe! Be Aware!

The Chiropractic Professionals of Columbia are only Seeing "As Needed Neck and Back Pain Patients". We are not seeing Wellness, or Maintenance Patients. IF your in Pain don't fear we are here for you, and we are keeping Ourselves, our Family's, and our Patients Safe. If you have any of the 3 symptoms above, please see your Family Physicians to Get Tested, and get the Medication you need,  Stay safe. -Dr. Benson

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Chiropractic Professionals of Columbia: Chiropractor in Columbia S.C.

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