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Lawyer Referrals

Chiropractic Professionals of Columbia

We would love the opportunity to be your “go-to” Chiropractic office

in the Columbia, and the Surrounding area's.

What we can offer to your Clients:

                                                                             Great Location with easy access MRI, Hospitals, and Highways.

                                                                             Our Clinic is 2500 Sq Ft. and can Handle a Large patient Volume.

                                                                             We offer Digital X-rays and Full Rehab with the latest equipment.

                                                                              Doctors have over 33 years of combined experience.

                                                                              Expert Adjusting skills, Specialty Techniques, and Advanced Therapies.

                                                                              Flexible hours and availability as needed.

What we Offer Attorneys:

                                                                              We are available to interact with Attorney's 24/7.

                                                                              We are the Best Expert Witnesses, because we care.

                                                                              We will treat without collection of patients Co-Pays.

                                                                              We will Provide Expert Testimony in Court, on Phone, or Video.

                                                                               We offer Digital Certified Notes with patient care tracking.

                                                                               We offer Complete patient Narratives.

What Makes US better than The Rest:

                                                                               We care that the patients get the Best Care Possible.

                                                                                We are Responsible, Personable, and Readily available.

                                                                                We provide Vital patient information on same day.

                                                                                We practice Functional Chiropractic. “We track Results”

                                                                                We prioritize patients Needs, Wants, and Concerns.

                                                                                We provided the Right Care they Need, to Recover from their Injuries.

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