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Custom Made Foot Levelers orthotics

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We Offer: Custom Made Foot Levelers Orthotics

Foot Levelers, is the industry leader in custom made orthotics with proven Results! They offer a 100% Guarantee. These Custom Orthotics will help relieve stress throughout your entire body, and improve physical performance, or your money back! That's what makes this company Great! If they don't work for any reason they will give your money back, but they will try to get it right first, then refund your money.

A Foot Levelers custom orthotic is individually designed for your feet helping achieve a balanced foundation and stabilized pelvis. Our custom orthotics are handmade for your unique feet based on 3D scans and your doctor’s exam.

Only Foot Levelers customized orthotics support all 3 arches of your foot, which make up the plantar vault. Since our orthotics are custom made by hand from scans of your feet, no two pairs of Foot Levelers custom orthotics are alike! The combination of 3 arch support with high quality technology and materials, and the uniqueness of each orthotic shaped and created to your feet results in an orthotic beyond what the competition can provide.

Support for Your 3 Arches “The Foot Leveler's Difference”

The feet are the foundation of Your body. They provide the necessary stability to perform daily activities by supporting the weight of the entire body using a strong, 3-arched bond called the Plantar Vault.

The Plantar Vault

The foot is made up of 3 bony arches. These 3 arches in the foot are what keep the body balanced:

  • Medial longitudinal arch (A–C)
  • Lateral longitudinal arch (B–C)
  • Anterior transverse (metatarsal) arch (A–B)

Together, these 3 arches form an extremely strong, supportive “plantar vault” that distributes the weight of the entire body.

The plantar vault provides numerous benefits

  • Balances to the body
  • Propels us forward
  • Safely absorbs heel-strike shock
  • Adapts to walking and running stresses.

Arch Collapse “When The Pain Starts”

Over time, one or more of your arches will weaken due to gravitational pressure. This process is completely natural, but can be expedited by injuries, a short leg, improper posture and naturally weak ligaments and tendons. Once an arch or multiple arches have weakened, the weight of the body will shift away from the weakened arch and start to apply pressure and stress to the other arches, causing pain and other symptoms throughout the body.

Custom 3 Arch Support

Foot Levelers custom made orthotics are designed to provide the best possible support for all 3 arches of your feet:

  • Individually crafted based on 3D scans to bolster the arches in your feet
  • Prescribed through Chiropractors to ensure you get the best possible orthotic
  • Available in a variety of styles and builds to suit your lifestyle and needs

Foot Levelers custom orthotics are designed to provide the actual needed support for your arches that will relieve pain now, and prevent pain later by compensating for any and all of your weakened arches to correct your posture.

Over-the-counter orthotics may initially cost less, but they only support one arch in your foot. When only one arch is being supported, it may not maintain the structure of your plantar vault, and problems can start in other parts of your body. In fact, “over-supporting” just one arch of the foot may actually cause pain and symptoms, not relieve them. Do you experience pain daily? Maybe you have plantar fasciitis or struggle with low back pain? Foot Levelers Custom Orthotics with 3-arch support, however, can change your life.

We at the Chiropractic Professionals of Columbia offer Foot Levels Custom Made Orthotics. We have the Newest 3D Scanner and Your Custom orthotics will only take you two days to have them. We can have your feet feeling Great in Just Two Day's. Don't wait we can scan you Today! Just call 803-888-6221 or Visit us on the Web at

Chiropractic Professionals of Columbia

1301 Elmwood Avenue

Columbia, SC 29201


[email protected]

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