BIG Business Improvement Group in Columbia S.C.

The Chiropractic Professionals of Columbia Highly Recommend Every Member in Columbia S.C. B.I.G.  The Business Improvement Group.  This Group of Highly Successful Business Owners that have been together for over 15 years.  We are Accepting Like Minded New Members to join our Group.

1. Acuwire Electric Co: 803.730.0737  David Graff is a Master Electrician with Years of Experience.

2.  Baine Termite and Pest Control: 803.550.1921  Award Winning Exterminator in Columbia.

3. Barbara Kelly Certified Public Accountant: 803.233.6437  Wealth of Knowledge, one to have in Your Corner!

4.  The Law Office of Brain L. Boger Attorney at Law:  803.252.2880  One of the Most Famous Lawyers in Columbia and Published Author.

5.  CALDWELL, INC. Trust and Estate Planning Craig Caldwell: 803-359-3058  Local Family Well Know in Area for Excellence!

6.  Carolina Bedrock Construction: David McCoy 803.261.5259  David is a Custom Home Builder that will Make you Dreams a Reality.

7.  Coldwell Banker: Zack Wheeler: 803.360.0772  Zack Sells High End Homes in Columbia S.C.

8.  Cruise Planners: Mike Kullenberg Travel Agent: 803.496.1223 Mike will get you the Best Travel Deal Possible!

9.  DuraClean: Disaster Service 803.732.2000 Randy Roe:  They Repaired My House in the 1000 Year Flood.  Highly Recommended!

10.  DPI Copier and Printers: 803.791.0208  Kevin Shaver,  Kevin Lives for Copiers!

11.  Jim The Plumber: 803.518.5608 Call Jim, he has 12 Children and will Always Show Up,  On Time, and Ready to Work!

12.  Matthews Appliance: Matthew Medeiros 803.348.8332 Matthew can Fix Any Thing!  I mean anything, Highly Recommended!

13.  Modern Telecommunications Inc.  803.960.5465  Anthony Brown can Wire, Install, Repair Huge Commercial Telecommunication Systems.

14.  Nation Wide Insurance: 803.996.2910 Allison Hedrick  I switched all my Insurance to Allison, and Saved a Bunch of Money!

15.  Perry's Refrigeration Service: 803.822.0211  Dennis Perry is the President of the BIG, Great Guy, Great Company.

16.  Preferred Home Inspections: 803.407.3233 Charles Strickland  Charles is the Best Home Inspector in Lexington, and Richland Counties

17.  SC Real Estate Appraisal:  803.960.5929 Jim Wheat : Jim is a Pilot with the Fastest Plane.  Give him a Call if you need a Commercial Appraisal,-James-T-Sra-803-798-8621

18.  The Graphic Source: West Jenkins 803.764.1187  West will Cover your Car, Refresh Your Signs, or Build you a Brand New One.

19.  Southeastern Brokerage INC.  Health Insurance: 803.750.3889 Clifford J. Corley Jr.  Clifford has Years of Experience.  Best Rates Possible!

20.  CresCom Bank: 803.404.5263 Julia Howell Mortgage Lending . Julia will get the Mortgage for you when others cannot!  Years of Experience!

21.  Top Tier Technology: 803.764.5059  IT and Cloud Consulting Specialist.  Wealth of Information, Cutting edge Computer Consulting.

22.  Heartland Credit Card Processing.  Best Credit Card Rates in Columbia!  They will not be beat!

23.  Chiropractic Professionals of Columbia 803.888.6221 We Can See You Today!!

We are Looking for Business Owners who  want to grow their Business.   If your interested give me a Call 803.888.6221 or Email me at [email protected]  I'm so Impressed with this group.  I was a BNI member for 12 plus years.  Yes my BNI members, still are like Family, and I'm Still Friends with all of them, and yes they did help me grow my Business in Upstate NY.  The Difference with the B.I.G. is we only want one Chapter.  We do not want to expand to Multiple Chapters, like Most Networking Groups.  This Year the BIG Generously  donated to Toys For Tots, and the Palmetto Place Shelter.  When I was a member of a  BNI in upstate NY, we never donated to any Group, or Organizations.   I do support all Networking Groups, but the BIG is different in that its not as strict as the others groups,  and we Give and Get referrals because we really want to see our other Members Succeed, not because we have too.  Come join the Best Networking Group in Columbia S.C. You will be glad you Did!  We are making a difference in the Lives of the People in Columbia S.C.  and surrounding Area's.

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